Digital Editing/Post.

Fast, razor sharp post production of the highest quality, showcasing the latest effects and trends.

From TV commercials to TV programs, 21CC has the track record to cut your project quickly and with style.

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21CC Post Production

  • Our NLE suites let you work with compressed video formats such as ProRes and DNxHD as well as in 10-bit uncompressed video. When working uncompressed, all images are a mathematically perfect pixel-for-pixel clone of the source, without any generational loss. Get sharper keying with green screens, cleaner compositions and superior color correction. All suites receive feeds from the studio floor and our 3 person audio booth.

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  • Our 9000 commercials archive dates back over 30 years.
    It is the biggest TVC database in Western Australia.

    We hold a 2500 scene digital stock footage library of people & places.
    plus a 1500 scene digital animation & backgrounds library,
    and an 8000 track fully searchable production music library.

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Other Services

We also offer capture of obsolete tape formats including 1" C format, Umatic, Betamax and VHS, plus authoring and copying to cd, dvd and bluray.